Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

When I think of the days before Christmas, the first thought that comes to mind is not waiting or stillness. But waiting is exactly what we are doing! We are waiting for the remembrance of Jesus birth. We are waiting for the promises of Advent, of peace, hope, love and joy. Ultimately, we are waiting for the return of Jesus.

The word waiting stirs thoughts of sitting, of impatience, longing or being stagnate. Waiting does not seem like an active way to live...yet Christmas is such an active time. How can this be a time of waiting and also a time of rushing? Can it
be both?

I suppose that it depends what you are focusing on. If we are focusing on cooking the big meals, planning the perfect holiday gatherings, and purchasing the perfect gifts, then there isn’t a lot of time for stillness in waiting. If we are buzzing from event to event, waiting doesn’t really enter into our minds. There doesn’t even seem to be time for waiting.

My prayer for you and for me this Advent and this Christmas season is that we will lean into the waiting. My prayer is that we can still our minds and our spirits and focus on the waiting. Waiting in hope helps us to build anticipation for the

My prayer for you and for me is that we can see and understand that we are really living in a perpetual state of waiting. We are waiting for Jesus to return. We are called to prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus.
May you be blessed in the waiting,
~ Pastor Charlene