February 2020

However, he continued his habit of retiring to deserted places and praying.
Luke 5: 16

As I sit here tonight working on the newsletter, a moth keeps returning to the kitchen window, frantically trying to reach the light of my kitchen. Clearly, he is a little premature in hatching from his cocoon as the warm temperatures of this morning have turned quite cold and my Weather Channel App advises me that the rain will shortly turn to snow.

Yet, I understand his plight; so often we rush headlong into transformations that we are not quite ready for thinking that a clear path has been laid before us, only to find out that there is a formidable obstacle between ourselves and our intended goal.
This is perhaps one of the reasons that I have a deep appreciation for the season of Lent because it invites us to slow down, to take small steps, to change and to grow spiritually, not all in one moment, but a little bit at a time. It invites us to really take stock of what is here and now and where and how we would like to continue our journey with God.

So, invite you as we finish up our “Journey with Jesus” this month to enter into this season of Lent, thoughtfully and deliberately. Lent is an invitation for us to take time with God, to devote more of ourselves to scripture and prayer, to develop new spiritual habits, and to listen carefully for God’s call on our hearts and lives.


Pastor Amy